Verification Policy

Verification Policy

By using WxSocial, you hereby agree to this policy, as well as our Terms & Conditions. If you do not agree to the terms of this policy, please contact us.

This policy went into effect as of 12:00PM CDT on Friday, September 4, 2020. Any previous verifications are NOT affected by this change in policy with regards to new rules for becoming verified. WxSocial is growing and there was a need to better regulate verification, an important, but increasingly overused tool on this platform. This policy’s goal is to better communicate the specific rules for becoming verified, and what is expected of our verified users.

How We Verify Users

Final decisions for verification are based on the discretion of WxSocial; however, there are some requirements that are reviewed during the verification process.

Users who are already verified on Twitter: If a user who is verified on Twitter registers for WxSocial, they will be immediately considered for our verification program. WxSocial will contact the user via Direct Message to confirm that they indeed signed up for that account. If not, the account will be deactivated as it violates our impersonation policy. However, if the verified user confirms that the account is theirs, we will conduct a brief review of the user before officially verifying them.

Users who are not verified on Twitter: Any WxSocial user can contact us via our contact form to be considered for verification. Once they request verification, WxSocial will review both the user’s Twitter account and WxSocial account for instances of content which may violate our Terms and Conditions. We will then determine if this a relevant person/organization, and if it would be useful for WxSocial users for the user to be a part of our verified program. Alternatively, users that WxSocial deems eligible to be a part of our verified program can be verified any time, entirely at WxSocial’s discretion.

Expectations of Verified Users

All verified users are expected and required to follow our Terms & Conditions. Violations of this rule may lead to suspension of verification or account termination, depending on the frequency and severity of the violations. Accounts that are inactive for three months or longer (defined as no public posting for 90 days on WxSocial) may be unverified (NOT deactivated) by WxSocial after a warning and a short (around a few days after the warning) grace period to avoid confusion by our users.

Thanks for using WxSocial!