Verification Policy

Verification Policy

By using WxSocial, you hereby agree to this policy, which went into effect as of 12:00PM CDT on Saturday, March 27th, 2021. Any previous verifications are NOT affected by this change. Verification on WxSocial was generally limited from September 2020 to March 2021, but has now been reopened to users. Please read the requirements below before applying for verification!

How We Verify Users

Final decisions for verification are at the sole discretion of WxSocial. However, users may request to be considered for verification using this form. Generally, accounts must meet the following criteria.

1) An active account with a large following (at least 1,000 followers) on at least one other social media platform with a large weather community presence (Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc) OR an active account on WxSocial with 25+ followers. Please include your username on any relevant platform(s) when requesting verification. WxSocial may contact any included account to confirm it indeed belongs to the user requesting verification.

2) Having an active account on WxSocial, which is defined as posting on a regular basis (generally at least once a week). In some instances, if an account ceases to be active after verification, the verified badge may be removed by WxSocial at any time at our sole discretion. However, the account will not be deactivated if this occurs and may request verification later if it becomes active again.

There are some factors which can make an account more likely to be verified, and even exceptions to the criteria. These factors may include having a meteorology degree, consistently posting high quality content on WxSocial specifically, being a notable figure such as a well-known storm chaser or meteorologist (and even a well-known enthusiast in some situations). Additionally, being verified on another platform (Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, etc) may greatly increase your chances of becoming verified on WxSocial.

Once again, the previously mentioned criteria are not rigid requirements. It is possible to be verified by only meeting one of the criteria, or even neither in very rare instances. Anyone can apply verification using this form!